14 Sep

Kulturnacht 2014: “Made in Osnabrück”

Kulturenacht Osnabruck 2014

“Kulturnacht” is an annual event that promotes culture, creativity and art. Museums, galleries, historic houses, churches, artists studios and cultural centres open their doors to the public until midnight.

This year, under the motto “made in Osnabrück”, thousands of people were able to enjoy a night of culture, music, art, theatre, fashion and more in the historical city center.

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27 Apr

Stop deportations

Demonstration against deportation of refugees

Demonstration against the deportation of refugees, Osnabrück, 26.04.2014

Around 450 people demonstrated on Saturday afternoon against the deportation of refugees from Osnabrück, Germany.
Some of the refugees are already living for many years in the city of Osnabrück and have children that were born in Germany. Nevertheless they were ordered to leave the country.

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