12 Nov

Free Sahara

Sahara demonstration

Demonstration in front of the Moroccan Consulate, against the intervention of the Moroccan army in Western Sahara. Barcelona, Spain, 11.11.2010

“Following the brutal intervention of the Moroccan army in the city of Laayoune, the brutal eviction of the Gdaim Izik refugee camp, and the current situation in the streets of El Aaiun, we have to keep fighting.”

“On November 8, Moroccan security forces put an end to what was recorded as the biggest protest in Western Sahara since Spain’s withdrewal from the territory.” – El País.com

On October 10, about 20,000 Sahrawi people settled in a desert area near the city of Laayoune to denounce the violation of their social rights. A few days later, on October 24, a Sahrawi 14-year-od teenager dies, shot by the Moroccan army while trying to drive through one of the checkpoints installed around the camp.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco in a speech he made on November 6 to mark the 35th anniversary of the Green March, warned that “he will not tolerate any violation, alteration or questioning of the Moroccan character”. The Polisario Front described this speech as a “serious threat to peace and security”. The Sahrawi started protesting in the streets of El Aaiun building barricades and bonfires, as the tension in the camp grew.

The 8th of November, Moroccan military and police entered the camp using water cannons, tear gas and batons. The Sahrawi Minister for Foreign Affairs demanded urgent action by the Security Council of the UN.

Mikel Basabe (one of the two Basque parliamentarians held by Morocco in Casablanca), told Unai Morán of El Pais that “Morocco, for some reason, does not want anyone to see what happens in Sahara”.

Source: elpais.com, lefrig.org, 20minutos.es

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