31 Jan

Els Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni

Cabalgada dels Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni

183th edition of the Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs de Sant Antoni, Barcelona, Spain, 22.01.2011

The “Cavalgada dels Tres Tombs” (Three Tours Parade) is a traditional Catalan festival in honour of Saint Anthony, who is the patron saint of the animals, the poor and the sick. It takes place every year at Sant Antoni area, in the district of Eixample. When the parade passes in front of the Escola Pia de Sant Antoni church, located at Ronda de Sant Pau, a priest who stands on a platform blesses the parade animals with holy water as they pass by. When the parade has passed, hundreds of people bring their domestic pets to the priest, so he can bless them too.

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